Xiao qing gan

How many different kinds of tea there are in China? The answer might be more varied than you think! Chinese tea can be divided into seven categories: black, white, oolong, green, yellow, dark and pu’er. Under each of these main categories there are several different types of tea. Furthermore, each type still has their differences in taste and flavor! Thus it can happen that the tea you know by certain name tastes not the same if it has been for example grown in different circumstances. Therefore, if you do have a “critical tongue” it can be little bit challenging to find nice tea in Finland.
Born and grown up within the culture where tea is deeply rooted in everyday life as well as in special occasions, we have decided to offer something to our clients: the real taste of tea. Not show of tea ceremony nor fancy equipments but something about tea itself, the tea leaves and flavors. We want to bring delicious tea available for you so that you can enjoy the tea right where you want whenever you want, sitting and relaxing at your home sofa or at your desk in your office.
With a long time study and preparation we have decided to introduce our clients a new and exciting way to get to know tea better. Each month we will prepare one kind of tea enclosed in a box containing information card about the selected tea, including the origin of the tea, the special features and instructions how to best prepare this specific tea. For our clients there is a small cup of free sample of the monthly selected tea in our shop as well. We welcome you to our shop to try our secret selection of tea!
We will publish the monthly collection in our webpage and blog. We warmly welcome you to our world of tea!
Here comes our first choice of tea: Xiao qing gan

Tea culture is a living culture, each time period has its own popular tea and and special ways to brew the tea. So what is the most popular tea in China rigth at the moment? The answer is xiao qing gan which is considered to be one of the modern tea and drinking it is in fashion now.

This tea is a perfect combination of fruit and tea. One piece of xiao qing gan is enough for one tea pot. There is an exquisite way of making this tea and moreover you’ll be surprised to see what xiao qing gan is made of!

What fruit does it use?  The picture below will give you an idea

So the fruit in xiao qing gan is baby clementine! However, clementines used in xiao qing gan are only from a specific area, XinHui, Guangdong, China.

Moreover, the tea used in xiao qing gan is pu er tea which is from the Yunnan China.

The following pictures represent the process of how the tea is prepared to make it ready for brewing. Picture on the right side is the last step in the process, sun drying the clementine.

The way to brew this tea is rather simple. Put one piece of xiao qing gan in tea pot, add 100 degree water and let the tea brew for 2 – 4 mins.

Pu’er tea is very suitable for drinking during winter months. Xiao qing gan is a fancy and surprising gift for Christmas season from far east. The unique taste of xiao qing gan is waiting for you!

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